About us

We are a married couple in the beginning of our 30ies.
Our kennel Big Wings is a registrered kennel in the FCI.

We got our first Papillon 6 years ago and has since that just fallen in love with this fantastic breed.
Since our first papillon Little Sparkling Pearl " Lille My" entered our home and hearts, there has been more papillons to come.


These days we have 7 papillons in our home and 1 of them is own bred, "Big Wings Gobo".
We enjoy life with them and we also go to shows and have fun with that and training at the dogclub to learn and train the dogs and having trips all over.

We once in a while breed a litter of puppies, but not often. Puppies from us will be delivered with pedegrees and a pack of things they will need in their new home.
All puppies delivered from us will not leave here before they are 8 weeks old. Also parents of Puppies from us will both be tested for PL and eye disease and have to be healthy in order to be bred.