Show 2015

08.03.15 - Letohallen Norway
Judge: Per Kristian Andersen, Kellika's Jazzy aka Dumle strutted his stuffe the best he could. Best junior male with excellent and BOB Junior with super critic

22.02.2015 ~ Bø i Telemark
Dumle ( Kellika's Jazzy 10 1/2 months old) has been to his first International dogshow today arranged by Norwegian Kennelclub in Bø i Telemark. Judge: Linda Reinelt-Gebauer.
He was placed as 3 best juniormale out of 5 and got excellent and a super critic, but I am very happy, it was given out both blue and yellow today and we had a major breakthrought.
He walked like a king and showed off very well instead of the ordenary teen stuff he normally doesSo all i all very happy with the day today.

08.02.2015 ~ Exoprama, Hellerud
Exc.JK 1.JKK
Dommer: Wilberg, Knut Sigurd

25.01.2015 ~ Letohallen
Exc.JK 1.JKK
Dommer: Johansson, Martin

17.01.2015 ~ Skjærgårdshallen I Langesund
Dommer: Liimatainen, Jussi

Show 2014

Now Dumle (Kellika's Jazzy) is finished with his show career as a puppy.
This is his results as a puppy 7 x BOB and one of them is as Nordic Winner Puppy 2014.
I am very proud of my little sweet boy.
He is now almost 10 months old and will have his debut in the adult showring early tomorrow morning.
Thank you Sylvia Kennel Kellika for this lovely boy.

28.12.14 ~ Letohallen
Kellika`s Jazzy  BIR valp
Dommer: Leif Lehmann Jørgensen

Dumle (Kellika's Jazzy) did it again, his last puppyshow ended with BOB puppy for judge Leif Lehmann Jørgensen (Denmark) so proud of him! Next show will be as junior. – med Sylvia van Zuiden.


15.11.14 ~ Lillestrøm
Kellika`s Jazzy BIR valp
Dommer: Per Kristian Andersen

I proudly present NORDIC WINNERSHOW BOB Papillon Puppy Kellika's Jazzy "Dumle"! Very proud of my little 7 month old boy and the result of the day (international
all breed Nordic Winner show in Lillestrøm Norway Dogs4all)

01.11.14 ~ Letohallen
Kellika`s Jazzy  BIR valp
Dommer: Stephen Wheeler

25.10.14 ~ Letohallen
Kellika`s Jazzy BIR valp
Dommer: Bente Bjerkaas

20.09.2014 ~ Rygge
Kellika`s Jazzy  BIR valp
Dommer: Steinar Balken

04.09.2014 ~ Oslo
Kellika`s Jazzy   BIR valp
Dommer: Marianne Holmli

24.08.2014 ~ Drammen
Kellika`s Jazzy   BIR valp
Dommer: Marit Sunde

Proud of my little boy who had his Debut this weekend 4 1/2 months old.
Kellika's Jazzy aka Dumle became BOB puppy today and got shortlisted in group.
Also Papelino's Peach Canei aka Peach won her class with ccq and endend up with CAC on friday and won her class with CCq both Saturday and Sunday.

22.08.2014 ~ Skien
Sooooo proud of my girl!! Papelino's Peach Canei "Peach" on show at papillon og phalene club of Norway,
she won her class with ccq and then placed as 4 best female behind 3 champions and got CAC! I am sooo happy. Tears were flowing of joy.

02.02. 2014 ~ Letohallen

I am SO HAPPY!!! Little Peach - Papelino's Peach Canei - 14 months did it today on show in Letohallen.
She was best junior Female with Excellent and CC, BOB junior! AND Best Female with CAC! and at last BOS.

01.03.2014 ~ Letohallen
Show today in Letohallen.

Papelino's Peach Canei "Peach" 14 months, Best junior female with excellent and CC and placed 3rd best female, also BOS Junior

Show 2013

8. sept Show in Drammen Norway:
"Peach": BOS puppy: Over all Impression is very promising, pretty feminin picture, attractive head and expression, excellent mouth, excellent earsize and carriage, ballanced outline, moves well, excellent temperement.

7.sept. Show in Drammen Norway:
"Peach": BOB puppy: Great expression, well placed ears, solid topline, good color and coat, floating exellent movement, very promising.

24 August National All breed Show Oslo:
Big Wings Gobo: Junior class - 2best junior, excellent, CC: Good size, typical head, correct bite, nice small eyes, good topline, typical movement.

"Peach": BOS puppy: 7 month super feminin bitch, awake and allert of smaller size, beautiful head, excellent expression, good body for size, excellent behind, ecxellent tail carriage with beautiful tailbow, Excellent coat and movement, lovely temperement.

4.August show in Nesbyen Norway:
Big Wings Gobo: Juniorclass: 2 best junior, excellent: Good head, straight back, enought chest, typical movement.


3.August show in Nesbyen Norway:
Big Wings Gobo: Juniorclass: Best junior, excellent, CC, 4 best male: correct bite, excellent head, good eyes, beautiful ears with long fringes, excellent topline, strong loin, excellent coat texture, correct tailset carried well.

27.Jul. show in Råde Norway:
Big Wings Gobo: Juniorclass: Best junior, excellent,CC, res.CAC, 4 best male: Coat of lovely quality and very nice condition, excellent tail carriage and correct bone, nicely balanced head with a nice expression, moves well.

23.Jun. show in Hadeland Norway:
Big Wings Gobo: Juniorclass: Excellent 3 best junior: Maskulin male, elegant with good head, dark eyes, good teeth and correct bite, nice ears well carried, good neck and overline, correct size and tail, Excellent coat, moves well, proud male.

"Peach": BOS puppy: Very feminin bitch puppy of good size, lovely head with correct expression, correct bite, well placed ears, beautiful neck, excellent tail, excellent body and front and behind legs with good angels, Excellent front, Excellent movements and coat, lovely temperement.
22.Jun. show in Hadeland Norway:
Big Wings Gobo: Juniorclass: 2 best junior, Excellent: meduim size, beautiful head of correct proportion, correct earset, correct front and agulations, correct rear angulation, excellent topline.
1.Jun. Inter, All breed show in Drammen Norway:
Big Wings Gobo: Juniorclass: 3 best junior, Excellent: 25 cm, very nice proportional head, very good topline, very nice front and behind, Excellent coat and movement.

26.May. show in Rygge Norway:
"Peach": BOB puppy: 4 month bitch, good size and well balanced, Lovely head and expression, correct scissorbite, lovely eyes and pigment, excellent tail and overline, excellent behind.

25.May. show in Rygge Norway:
Big Wings Gobo: First show in juniorclass: Best junior, excellent, CC, Res.CAC, 2 best male: Maskulin male of very good type, lovely head and expression, Excellent tail carriage, Good angels and body, excellent coat and movement, 25cm.

4.May. Inter. Allbreedshow in Ålesund Norway:
Big Wings Gobo: Puppyclass: BOB Puppy: Excellent typical head, correct ears and crriage, nice form and color of eyes, good neck, good over and underline, good legs, typical movements, good pigment, excellent coat, lovely temperement.

27. April Show in Leto Norway:
Big Wings Gobo: Puppyclass: BOB puppy: Maskulin, excellent head and expression, excellent big ears, good angels, dark eyes, excellent tail and carriage, lovely temperament, super mover, promising.